Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So, what's going on?

Hello, everyone who's joined, and thank you for doing so. I know what you all are thinkin'...

Hey, Ange! Where the heck is this week's theme? When do we get to draw?!
To answer your question truthfully, when I opened RAREVIVE I did not hold account to the fact that I had a convention coming up the next weekend. While RAREVIVE is an important project for myself (trust me, I think about it daily!), I also was caught up with work, school, and this convention and things piled up. Yikes!

So where does this leave RAREVIVE?
The only problem with RAREVIVE as of now is that I am trying to come up with the first theme. However, one idea popped up. Deku agreed that it was a good theme. So! Instead of giving you a deadline of this Sunday, we're going to extend the deadline for next Sunday.

Most Cherished Memory
Whether it was watching my brother in awe as he climbed up a pixaleted snake, begging my mom to help me with a monkey and his barrels or the hours I spent on my own saving a bear's little sister, there are memories I cherish that were brought by RARE's franchises.

Our theme for the next two weeks is to come up with a drawing/comic/ex cetera that relates to one of your favorite memories. You can go about this in any way, guys. Please be reminded that this site is suppose to be rated PG because I want all fans to be able to see the art we're producing.


  1. Oh my goodness, most cherished memory? I'd love to take part. But alas, I don't know if I can post, and how I must post. Haha. Sorry, I'm new to this.

  2. @Ribbedeble Its no problem! I'm pretty sure what has happened is that I haven't invited you through email to become a poster for the blog. But, fear not! I decided to make a deviantART group as well as this blog. It should be up, but empty - mostly because deviantART was being weird when I was trying to make the group.

    I'll send you an invitation once I am actually at home with my normal computer.

  3. Oh, okay. I'm a bit paranoid, you see. Sorry about that. But thanks, I'll see if I can join over at DA. No need to rush, though, I'm patient, haha.

  4. Oohh, a favorite Rareware memory? I've got a few contenders. I might even post more than once :D