Saturday, March 5, 2011

Favorite Memory

Okay, so there are a lot of memories I share with the RARE company, so it was very hard to choose my favorite. I was going to do the first time I entered Click Clock Wood, but then I thought about the first time I flew around with Kazooie... how high you could reach up at Treasure Trove Cove... and how quiet it would become when you did so. I don't remember any other video game using the sounds/lack of music to make an environment... but you knew once you were all the way up there that you needed to tread lightly and carefully! And while you can fly as high as you want in Click Clock Wood, this was the only stage that went silent when you floated high enough (unless there is a world that does that in Banjo Tooie...)

This digital piece was drawn and colored quickly, as the deadline was today and I didn't have time to really shade like I wanted to. But as I went along, I wanted to give a child-like feeling, so I used crayon tools as well as a paper texture to make sure it got that feeling. I used paint tool SAI.

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